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Large Mosaic Mirror Rectangular Shape 75x60cm
£69.99 - £{{user.base_price}}
Rainbow Mosaic Mirror Medium Round Shape D45
£42.99 - £{{user.base_price}}
Rainbow Mosaic Mirror Big Round Shape D60
£49.99 - £{{user.base_price}}
Crackle Style Mosaic Mirror Oval Shape 55x40cm
£44.99 - £{{user.base_price}}
Mosaic Mirror Big Round Shape D60
£54.99 - £{{user.base_price}}
Mosaic Mirror Medium Rectangular Shape 40x55cm
£54.99 - £{{user.base_price}}
Mosaic Mirror Medium Round Shape D45
£39.99 - £{{user.base_price}}
Handpainted Mosaic Mirror Leaf Pattern Round D60
£39.99 - £{{user.base_price}}
Large Mosaic Mirror In Round Shape D80
£84.99 - £{{user.base_price}}

Mosaic Mirrors:

Our collection of stunning mosaic mirrors are sure to grab the attention of visitors who come into your home. Mirrors made of mosaics have returned to the spotlight in a major manner and are now commonplace in nearly every space in your home. Our selection of mosaic mirrors showcases the beautifully fragmented look that is characteristic of mosaics. The collection includes a range of shapes, sizes, and styles, allowing you to choose the right mosaic mirror that will seamlessly blend into your décor. Our mosaic mirrors exhibit high-end craftsmanship and a keen eye for the smallest details. Our mosaic mirrors are extremely versatile and easily blend into a modern or traditional style of home. The great thing about mosaic mirrors is that every piece can catch the light and reflect it to the room, creating a stunning sparkle effect. No matter where you decide to place it, our mirror will give a beautiful impression.

Stylish and Decorative Collection of Mosaic Mirror:

The stunning mirrors are made from a variety of tiny pieces of mirrored glass, arranged within a frame to make the impression of a mosaic. Alongside the classic-designed mosaic mirrors, we also have a few mosaic mirrors in our collection that feature more modern mosaic designs, which are ideal for modern elegant homes. If you're seeking a modern design mosaic mirror, you can select the round mirrors that have a soft feel and will not overwhelm your existing style of home. If you're seeking a true display piece, then go on one of our huge rectangular mosaic mirrors. These mirrors are great if are seeking to create an art-deco style in your home. Our store is filled with great selections of wall mirrors like Sunburst Mirror, Big Round Mirror, Modern Mirror, Artistic mirror, Living room mirror, Hallway mirror, and more.

Quality and Affordable Mosaic Mirrors:

Here at Harrow Décor, we understand that you're searching for a beautiful mosaic mirror that is of high-end quality and will add beauty to your home, all at reasonable prices. This is why the mirrors we sell are sold at extremely affordable prices that allow you to pick a striking, stylish mosaic mirror within your budget. Each of our mosaic mirrors features intricate lead work as well as creative geometric designs. The mosaic mirror we offer have been meticulously designed to an excellent standard and are extremely durable and will last for a long time. We invite you to look through our extensive selection of mirrors made from the mosaic.

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